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Dissecting QUIC in python

• Tristan Hermanns

Traditional DNS based content-blocking is becoming less relevant, as usage of encrypted DNS increases. Therefore we implemented domain based blocking on QUIC and TLS.

How to make your wireguard config work on fritz!box

• Alexander Fink

Bitahoy makes internet connections smarter by giving our customers full control and insights on their network, without any technical knowledge required. For easy deployment on broadband routers, we utilize VPN connections to reroute network traffic to our cloud-based platform. Therefore, we are glad about the news that AVM is integrating WireGuard into their routers, which enhances our compatibility with these devices. We gave the current beta versions a try and ran into some problems. In this blog post, we summarize our experience and share some tips to get your WireGuard config running on a fritzbox. At the end of the post, we also provide a tool to check your WireGuard config in the browser...